What is the Real Meaning of an Article Directory?

What is the Real Meaning of an Article Directory?

An article directory is essentially a website that contains a collection of articles on a wide assortment of topics each article being between 400 and 500 words in length. The articles, often referred to as contents, are used by webmasters to drive highly targeted traffic to their websites. This is often done through the use of embedded backlinks, anchor text, and a resource box provided by the directory to carry information about the writer along with a link to his or her website. The main goals of article directories are to:

        Bring together the web’s best writers and assist them to attain their goals through training and discussions.

        Provide informative articles for the public to read and increase its knowledge base or for its entertainment.

  •       Provide publishers with articles for their use.

Any writer is permitted to submit articles to directories, but they should not be plagiarized, spam or spun. Typically, an article directory utilizes categories or tags for better organization and help search engines that use tags as keywords to find relevant articles. Some of the article directories pay the authors for their submission, reviewing each article for their worthiness prior to publishing. Reputable article directories are considered authorities since their standard for the article’s acceptability is very high. 

From the point of view of Search Engine Optimization, an article directory allows a keyword density of 2% to 3% and only 2-3 links using HREF tags in each article. The number of times that the keywords are used should not exceed the stipulated norm of that directory. Multiple anchor texts and links are ideal for all article banks. Information packed articles are submitted by experts on the topic and serve to create awareness among the masses or to share valuable information with them. Sometimes, an article directory allows free submission. This is invaluable for writers on the threshold of their careers. The writers get exposure, build credibility, and win increased visibility for their commendable work. The directories may be used to seek article resources for personal blog, ezine, newsletter or website.

Some people find registering with the article directory, a pain. This is taken care of by the available article submission software, also known as article submission script. Once submitted, the articles of a directory can be reprinted, but with the relevant resource box along. This indicates that the resource box must carry interesting information to compel readers to click on the links within. Article directories are ranked mainly according to the ones with the heaviest traffic and the ones most published.

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