Marie Antoinette (2006 Film) Rhetorical Essay

Marie Antoinette (2006 Film) Rhetorical Essay

Marie Antoinette is an American Academy Award-winning 2006 film written and directed by Sofia Coppola about the life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The film is loosely based on the historical biography Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser, and ends with the fall of Versailles. The movie shows how the 14 year old Maria Antonia, from Austria, was arranged to get married to who would later become King Louis XVI of France.  This movie does not have many arguments, and the few arguments that it does have, don’t last long.  

The whole movie is full of pathos. In this video clip, we can see motherly love, a woman’s love for diamonds, a broken woman, when she is told that her mother had died, and when her own child dies. The ethos is that this happened in France many years ago; also the argument in this video clip is about the American Revolution, which is a big historical event.  The logo in this video clip is when we see the painting of Marie Antoinette with 3 children and then we see the same painting with 2 children. After that we see the king and queen dressed in balk watching a tiny coffin leaving for burial. This movie attracts all kinds of people, even those who don’t like history. Some of the constrains with the making of the movie would have been those of portraying the time period correctly or just simply getting the facts right.   

The video claims that thanks to the bad spending of Marie Antoinette and the bad administration of King Louis XVI, France was bankrupt and that caused the revolution to start. The argument in the video clip does not seem to be adversarial or consensual. I am not sure what it would be, because the arguer is neither using force nor facts to win his argument. He simply used his rank as the King, and basically he won. This video clip’s claim which was previously stated can be supported with history. History in this case would be both the warrant and the ground. The movie has a lot of back up as it also shows what was going on in Austria , while Marie Antoinette could not conceive a child.  Through this 9 minute video clip, many things can be seen, and yes they are all historically based, they may not be 100% as they happened, but the evidence can be found.

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