How does NutriSystem Work to Help you Lose Weight?

How does NutriSystem Work to Help you Lose Weight?

To lose weight, millions look for diets that will help them lose weight and keep it off. One of the most popular avenues for weight-loss is the NutriSystem program. The science behind NutriSystem is only part of the reason so many have had success losing weight. The entire system works to provide direction and support to members who are committed to following the program.

What’s NutriSystem?

NutriSystem is a diet plan designed to help overweight people lose weight fast and improve upon their health. It’s a program that aims to simplify weight loss and assist in the decrease of a body’s relative mass. It also happens to be one of the most successful weight loss programs in existence. 

Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index is a way to measure the effects of carbohydrates on the body; specifically how the carbs are used. Because carbohydrates are essential to fueling your body, but in excess can lead to weight gain, a proper balance of "good carbs" can provide energy and control weight. The basis of menu options is the Glycemic Index. More importantly, diets based on the Glycemic Index will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and can aid in sustainable weight loss.

Portion Control

NutriSystem uses the science of Glycemic Index with portion control. A properly controlled portion of effective nourishment leads to weight loss and speeds the metabolism.

More Meals = Less Weight?

To quicken the metabolism even further, eating more frequent, low calorie meals is an effective method for losing weight. NutriSystem's portions of balanced meals allow for craving control and helps the body burn fat more efficiently. Your metabolism speeds up when you are challenging your system to process many meals per day as opposed to being limited to fewer, bigger meals which triggers a response within your body to store more of what you eat as fat.

Ease of Program

Members will not have to count points or in any other way monitor their diet. The NutriSystem plan means eating healthy foods that are delivered to your door. Other diet plans require you to shop for food conventionally, measure the portions, and plan your meals. The program, while easy, is not cheap. Other programs that leave the shopping to you, give you the autonomy of choosing where and what to buy. Having to purchase food directly through NutriSystem means that it is one of the most expensive diet plans available.

Online Support

Members receive online support from counselors to ensure that they are getting the full benefits of the program, and to offer advice on accompanying (optional) exercise plans. Though the plan is straight forward, the support of professional dietitians means getting the right advice about your specific goals.

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