Five of the Most Useful iPad Apps for Students

Five of the Most Useful iPad Apps for Students

The iPad from Apple has defined the tablet industry and remains a runaway hit. Remarkably, every age group finds value in the gadget from older people to toddlers and everywhere in between. One age group that can take particular advantage of all that the iPad is capable of doing is students. The portability of the iPad makes it more mobile than a laptop while its power and large screen is more capable than a smartphone. Students who choose to use an iPad for their scholastic studying will find a wealth of choices among applications from Apple and third-party developers. Here are 5 of the best in the App Store.

1. inClass

inClass is an app created by One Zero Ware LLC and falls in the category of productivity app. With the inClass app, students can keep a detailed schedule of classes and study groups. Not taking is made easier by the inClass app as well as features that offer note-sharing. You can also record lectures and study groups with the app and sync your content with your iPhone or iPod Touch. As of June 2012 inClass is a free app found in the iTunes App Store.

2. iScroll

The creators of iScroll explain the importance of their creation by noting the benefits of learning while reading and hearing. iScroll offers an expansive library of books and lectures that are all narrated by real people so that students can follow along with their reading with an accompanying soundtrack. iScroll works with eBooks and Wikipedia to help students locate and download the appropriate selection for their studies. Once the content is found, students can listen and follow the text and even make notations that can be saved for future reference. iScroll is a free app found in the iTunes App Store.

3. Flashcards

The Flashcards app puts a high-tech spin on a tried and true study method. With the app, students can load decks of flashcards from online source Quizlet or create cards of their own. All levels of education are supported by the selection of Quizlet decks.  Use Flashcards on iPad or iPod and iPhone. Flashcards is a free app found in the iTunes App Store.

4. Outliner

Outliner is a paid app that serves upper-class high school students and college and graduate students in a multitude of ways. Outliner is an ultimate organizer and true productivity application. Students can use the app to manage their study groups and schedule, keep a detailed list of assignments and sources for tests and essays, as well as share and edit notes and outlines with other students online. Outliner has a minimalist user-interface but packs a punch in the power department. Outliner is $4.99 and found in the iTunes App Store.

5. Grammar HD

One of the more common activities a student with have to endure is writing. As a student progresses through high school and into undergrad and beyond, writing becomes more and more of a focal point of her or his curriculum.  Being able to write correctly is therefore essential to achieving high marks. Grammar HD is an iPad app that focuses on ensuring proper grammar is used. Students can rely upon the lessons found within Grammar HD for specific essays or as a tool to commit the important grammar lessons to memory. The Grammar HD app is 99 cents and found in the iTunes App Store.


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